09 décembre 2013

X100+ Auto Key Programmer


X-100+ Auto Key Programmer is a handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. X100 KEY PROGRAMMER  has a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier!

x100 auto key programer Features:
1.New keysprogramming
2.Reads keys from immobilizer's memory
3.New immobilizerprogramming
4.New ECUprogramming
5.New mechanical key number programming
6.Vehicle Identification Number programming
7.Reset ECM & reset immobilizer
8.Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
9.New remote controller programming
10.With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
11.Upgradeable via web-based download

x100 programmer Vehicle Coverage

Asia:Toyota, Lexus,Honda, Acura,Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti,Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo,etc

Europe:Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat,Porsche,Opel,Citroen, Peugeot,etc

America: GM,cadillac,Buick,etc

China:Great Wall,Chery,Brilliance-auto,Geely,LIFAN,HAFEI,CHANGAN,LANDWIND,BYD,etc

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05 décembre 2013

Windows CE Car DVD Player For Benz

Windows CE Car DVD For Benz

1,CPU: ARM 11-800MHZ
2, 6.0 CORE
3,Digital LCD Monitor(800*480 pixels)
4, Amplifier output:4*40W
5,Using the FM module with TDA7540 built-in
6,The DVD loader use Sun plus SPHE8202T decode chip
7,Using the CSR car-mounted Bluetooth chip BC3 which makes the phone voice quality clear.
8,IPOD: support IPOD insertion, and can operate IPOD in DVD interface
Radio Area: China, USA, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Japan

9, Languages: English, Russian, Polish,Spain,French,Germany

General Function: Music √ DVD √ SD √ USB √ Photo √ PIP √ BT √ Movie √ Radio √ GPS √ AUX √ Touch Screen √ IPOD √ RDS √ E-Book √ A2DP √ Analog TV or Digital TV √

Standard Accessories:

*** main machine DVD

*** Powr cable

*** A/V cable

*** GPS antenna

*** USB cable

*** user manual

*** remote

*** TF card with map(if you need,you can add to your cart)

*** analog TV antenna (if you need,you can add to your cart)

***3G dongle card(if you need,you can add to your cart)

***Rear view camera(if you need,you can add to your cart)

***Canbus(if you need,you can add to your cart)

We promise to provide you with the best quality and the best service, at the same time give you the best price. What are you waiting for, please click here to contact us immediately.

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04 décembre 2013

Android Car DVD Player For KIA

Phone to control Car dvd player
Tachograph (need plus USB camera) with the customer's own
Built-in digital TV / analog option
APP online upgrade3
Andrews 4.0 Online Upgrade (temporarily doing 2.3.4 system, now in development 4.0, 2.3.4 online can later upgrade to 4.0, the time to be confirmed)
IPOD connection
Mobile electronic dog (third party software) This function is generally less than foreign
OBD car fault detection (need to add OBD tester) (OBD tester selection with features: 300RMB)
Multi-touch (supports web pages, images, maps, zoom gestures)
CD / DVD disc playback
Game features (unlimited Android APP game download)
USB / SD (Audio / Video
Bluetooth (supports HFP, HSP, FTP, OBE, OPP, SPP, A2DP
Bluetooth phone
Bluetooth phone book
Bluetooth music
CUSP Music Player
1080P HD video playback
Web Player Download
Virtual disc box
Radio (European standard / Russia / Japan / America / digital radio and other options)
Optional RDS
Network digital radio system
EQ adjustment
GPS / Navigation (supports multiple map (googel \ Igo \ Kay Rucker, etc.)

We promise to provide you with the best quality and the best service, at the same time give you the best price. What are you waiting for, please click here to contact us immediately:

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13 novembre 2013

Android Car DVD Player

1 Introduction: Andrews vehicle intelligent car computer system called Android, Android car DVD player, car navigation system Android. Intelligent Vehicle Systems is an Android-based platform inkaNet3G intelligent network traffic system.

Two functions: DVD player, CD player, radio, navigation, SD card reader, USB reader, Rear view more.

3 Features: Supports most games on the Android platform and application software;
Resistive touch screen, simple operation;
Support APE / FLAC lossless compressed audio files, audio and CD is no different, eliminating the trouble of carrying CD, MP3 and other compressed audio files for the same support;
Support common video file;
2G/3G wireless Internet access;
In addition, the system with GPS navigation, 800 * 480 high-definition screen, you can also record real situation ahead of the vehicle, to provide evidence for the accident analysis.

wonderful company holds wholeheartedly for the customer, customer interests first philosophy, in the original windows ce car DVD system under the premise, spend a lot of time and effort into the android car dvd, car DVD operate in taken a big milestone on step.

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02 septembre 2013

SBB ключевой программист

SBB ключевой программист


SBB ключевой программист является новое устройство использовать в качестве портативного устройства для программирования ключей иммобилайзера единиц на транспортных средствах. Благодаря интегрированным аппаратным, SBB не нужны не больше чем кабель OBDII условии выполнять широкий спектр функций:

     программирование новых ключей
     чтение ключей из памяти иммобилайзера
     отключение ключей больше не владеет автомобилем владельца
     Операции с помощью меню программирования
     программирование новых пультов дистанционного управления
     Программное обеспечение с полной базой данных, содержащей все наиболее важное средство делает

SBB ключевой программист Поддерживаемые языки: итальянский / немецкий / французский / английский / испанский / Греческий / Португальский / Турецкий / Русский

Поддержанные автомобили: Multi-брендов

SBB ключевой пакет производителя включает в себя:

     SBB (1 шт)
     OBD II кабель (1 шт)
     RS232 кабель для обновления прошивки (1 шт)
     Компакт-диск с руководствами пользователя и обновление программного обеспечения (1 шт)
     Футляр для переноски (1 шт)

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15 août 2013

Your Website is Your Online Business Card

When you attend business networking events or conferences, you always bring plenty of business cards to hand out, right? Well, what about your online business card? Searching for a company’s website or the name of a person is a very common part of the purchase process. What does your website say about you?

Easy to Understand

When someone visits your website can they easily understand what it is you do and why they might want to choose you? Speak in terms of benefits to the customer, not in terms of features or services. You want potential customers to not only understand exactly how you can help, but why you’re different than your competitors.

Answer Questions

Oftentimes when someone is searching for a service provider or for a product, they have a problem they need solved. There are specific questions they want to answer regarding their problem. If your website is able to answer those questions, you’ll go a long way to proving your worth. Not sure what questions to answer? These are usually the ones that people ask you in-person, on the phone or over emails.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Can you prove everything you claim? If not, either figure out how you can, or make claims that you can backup. Customer testimonials and reviews help, as do case studies with mecose specific results that solve a specific problem.

Clear Next Steps

If someone is ready to take the next step towards buying from you, what should they do? What is the next step specifically? Spelling out a clear call to action helps direct potential customers to the next step in the process. Don’t assume that they’ll figure it out, and don’t bury your contact information only on your contact page (assuming they can or want to find it). Make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you.

Not Just a Homepage

Visitors enter your site from many different pages — not just your homepage. If someone enters on an internal page, can they tell what you do? Are you answering the question they came to your site for? Do you offer proof? Is the next step clear? Every page on your site should almost act on it’s own, but be specific to the topic at hand.

medical mold|High-Precision Molding|hardware mould

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13 mai 2013

Launch X-431 GDS Scanner Summary

Launch X431 GDS is a sophisticated and integrated diagnose product with powerful functions developed by LAUNCH. GDS scanner tool can access internet with high-speed wireless, update online and obtain related information for implementing two ways of wire and wireless vehicles faulty diagnosis because of adopting Wi-Fi wireless communication technology. Meanwhile, X431 GDS diagnostic scanner is configured with wired network, which make X-431 GDS can diagnose vehicle troubleshooting with wired or wireless mode. GDS Tool has functions of diagnose, oscilloscope, ignition, multimeter, browser and battery test and service functions such as wireless LAN. GDS scanner tool supports VGA extending display function. Thus, it has strong practicability and high cost performance, which is helpful assistant for vehicle diagnose and maintenance. launch X431 diagun

HeavyDuty is another diagnosis function support provided by X431 GDS, which based on product configuration to decide if supply heavy duty diagnosis software or not. 

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10 mai 2013

X431 gds original yrtminsld and indicators despripion

Hanle: holding or carrying the main unit

Sim slot: not applied for x431 gds original

Exhaust vent: exhaust the heat to ensure internal part temperature normal

VGA Terminal: connect to wire network with lan cable

Giagnose terminal: connect to the test cable

USB terminal: connect to USB devices, while connecting external function box for extending functions, scopebox must be connecter to the blue USB terminal.

Hard disk indicator: indicate the diagnose communication state

Power indicator: indicate the diagnose power state

Power connector: connect to outer power to supply power or charge for main unit

Diagnose box: communication molule between main unit and vehicle.

Printer: print the displayed results  launch X431 diagun

Power swith: press to trun on the device and hold pressing to trun off the device

Main display: color touch screen to display the function interface, touch input or hand-writing input is supported

Air intake vent: intake air to ecsure internal parts temperature normal

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26 avril 2013

DFP8007 Tablet pc

For Da&Fong Tablet pc DFP8007, as one of leading manufacturers in the field of domestic tablets, starting in 2012, we become a formal steep into one of the manufacturers of dual core products. Our DFP8007 with highly efficient and ultra-slim fuselage by consumers, products price is more close to the life of people. RK3066 from Rockchip micro chip with the performance provides a strong support , eliminate the caton, such as slow down the operation .for domestic tablets, took a substantive step.


DFP8007, use the 8 inch screen, has a wide color gamut, large angle , the characteristics of high brightness. Screen resolution of 1024*768 , in accordance with apple’s Ipad 2 , the screen display effect has reached the industry leading level .Fuselage front panel uses the mainstream technology of black paint, screen design seems endless grade , no redundant design, there is a dual camera front 0.3 million pixels & back 2.0 million pixels .the overall design is simply and easy .and the Android 4.0 operation system, to provide users with stable and efficient application . use this smaller size of the tablet computer ,will be more comfortable . holding a long time , after all ,don’t overworked , also more practical then read more content .The system memory 1GB DDR3 , and storage capacity 8GB , maximum 16 GB, support HDMI jack , Bluetooth and Wifi .can fully satisfy customer’s daily needs.

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